Prism protection carried out the film install at National Audit Office over the course of 8 weeks between November 2018 and January 2019.

Detailed program of works was submitted and updated weekly by the dedicated project manager.

Works progressed as pre-planned and without an issue and their operatives were highly organised and discreet.


Account Manager, Technical Facilities Management, Mitie



We are experiencing unseasonal good weather & sunshine this week, so just had to write and thank you again for an excellent job on our conservatory roof. It is now bearable to sit out there and enjoy the garden views. The film is a fantastic product! Have a good summer."


Patricia & Patrick Campbell



Hi Stuart, we can't believe how much difference your Window Film has made to the heat in our conservatory - quite amazing!


Thanks, Zoe



I have to say that we are DELIGHTED with the effect of the window film you installed. On the hot afternoons we are experiencing this summer, it has reduced the temperature in our conservatory by approx 20 degrees Farenheit (from about 100F, to about 80F), the look of the film is an unobtrustive light tint, and there is no noticeable loss of light in our sitting room. From what we have observed in the 10 days since you fitted the film, I would recommend your service to anyone, thank you.


Angie Beloe



Thank you Stuart! Your Window Film works really well. Happy to be a reference for your services! Thanks


Mr Stancer



We are so pleased with the tinted film installation. It has made such a difference! The glare has been reduced significantly, as has the heat. So much more pleasant to be in the conservatory now. Extremely pleased with the work and the way you carried it out from start to finish. We would certainly recommend PRISM !!


Fran Courtney



You may remember that a few months ago you fitted window film to the kitchen roof lantern in our house near Hastings.

I just wanted to let you know what a success it has been. It has dramatically cut down the heat and glare in the kitchen - last summer this room was unusable on a warm day, but now even on hot and very bright days it is a pleasure to be in there. Absolutely superb result and good value - I will recommend you at every opportunity. Thank you!

Penny Clements


For some years, Prism Protection Limited has been providing our clients with an economical way of maintaining a comfortable temperature within their new glazed extensions in summer months, while at the same time reducing the glare from direct sunlight, with the added benefit of protecting furnishings and finishes from fading due to prolonged exposure to the UV rays within sunlight.

This protection takes the form of a film applied to the inside face of the glazing, primarily to the roof units, which take the brunt of the effects of the sun, but also to the glazing in windows and doors.   Our clients are given the choice of a virtually colourless film for the vertical faces of windows and doors, or a slightly more tinted film for the roof, depending on the specific situation and degree of privacy that may also be required.

Although many clients know from the outset that they would like to have the added benefits of the film when they order the orangery or conservatory, because the film is applied once the installation is complete, the final decision can be delayed until the job is complete and the sun starts to shine.   In addition, the application process is usually completed quickly and without any significant disturbance, and the installers themselves are fully trained and used to working discreetly and efficiently in domestic situations.

Our relationship with Prism Protection has developed to the point that they are now considered a significant part of the Malbrook operation, designing and installing orangery-styled extensions, roof lanterns and conservatories.   As such we would have no hesitation in recommending them for any project that involves large areas of glazing, as all of ours do, whether for solar protection, security or simply maintaining privacy.

Ian Harvey, Chief Surveyor
Malbrook Conservatories Ltd, Putney, London



Since introducing their services to our company over 5 years ago, Prism Protection has been our sole supplier of vinyl film products to our extensive customer base and I have no doubt in the future that they will be an exceptional company to deal with.

They have dealt with our clients in a very professional and knowledgeable manner, incorporating our very high standards of work and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, I have no hesitation in letting them deal directly with our customers from initial survey through to installation. I would recommend the owner, Stuart and his team to anyone and hope we continue our great working relationship.

Colin Littlefair - Glazing Manager
Stevenage Glass Limited



Many thanks for superb job in May. The solar film has made a huge difference and you and your partner were brilliant.

All the best, Peggy



 My husband and I were just saying that your product is one of the best items we have invested in for our home, it has made such a huge difference! I have been spreading the word with friends and neighbours!

Could you possibly come back and quote for another extension to the house?

I look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks

Orla P Mackie



We have nothing but praise for Stuart and his team. We were extremely skeptical that anything so 'invisible' could make any real impact on the temperature levels during hot sunny days, when our conservatory became unbearable. Having contacted Stuart seeking further information, he arrived promptly, absolutely no hard sell, and duly delivered a superb standard of workmanship. The end result is a conservatory that looks and feels so much cooler and more inviting, evening in blistering sun. Delighted!

Peggy Treseder