Privacy Film

Privacy Window Film for Offices, Restaurants, Hotels & Commercial Outlets - Hitchin, Herts & UK


Businesses, office complexes and commercial operations need to be as vigilant as possible in protecting their assets, staff and equipment, especially densely populated areas where crime levels are higher than national averages.

One inexpensive way for offices, restaurants, hotels, educational establishments and commercial outlets to add an extra level of privacy, is through the application of one-way privacy window film.

What type of commercial risks can privacy window film remove?

  • High-powered camera lens penetrating office windows, leading to financial loss
  • Photographs being taken of meetings being held
  • Video-captured sensitive data, sold by the paparazzi to tabloid press
  • Would-be intruders investigating the viability of breaking and entering


If you or your staff works in an office surrounded by glass, you are vulnerable to any confidential matter within the office becoming public knowledge.

Reflective mirror film enables your staff and customers to enjoy clear views of the outside from within the workplace, without being seen from the outside.

Solar UV reflective film is one of the most popular types of window film solutions, as it combines office privacy and property shatter-proof security with damaging glare reduction and cost-saving heat control.

Privacy window film has been designed to be installed on both windows and doors in commercial properties and is available in different shades, mirror finishes and colours. In addition, Prism window film will give your office space a completely stylish and professional look. Choose from:



Decorative privacy films are available in a range of patterns and styles, such as neutral, embossed, coloured, one way mirror finish or, if required, a combination of all.


Commercial privacy window film: opaque, translucent & blackout


There are many types of privacy film to choose from including opaque, translucent and blackout film that vary in colour, tint and texture including metallic and one-way mirror finishes.

Textured films change the texture of commercial window glass and prevent the workplace being seen from outside. With so many to choose from, our professionals can provide you with custom made textures and patterns of your favourite selected colours. When compared to standard film, textured films can be a better option when you require an increased level of office or commercial privacy.


Customised designs, patterns, borders & logos for the commercial sector


You can choose from a wide range of patterns, designs, borders or unique logos, or we can create custom made and cut patterns in any finish or tint such as bronze, silver or gold.


Your #1 choice for window film supply & fitting


All of our window films can be installed by commercial property owners or fitted by a qualified Prism installer – however for large applications, a professional window film installer is suggested.  

We’re committed to becoming the first-choice supplier of window films for companies locally in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and the home counties, as well as across the UK.

With a dedication to delivering the best service, we combine professionalism with top quality advice and experience spanning 22 years.

Why choose us?

  • Installed by a fully qualified professional
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extensive range of window film tints
  • Not restricted to 1 manufacturer
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
  • Long life (up to 20 years)
  • Usually installed once only
  • “No business disruption” installation
  • Typically installed within 1 day (although larger commercial applications may take longer)
  • Applied to existing window glass


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