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Heat Insulation Film

Insulation Window Film & Heat-Reflection for Offices


Used in thousands of commercial buildings around the world, heat-reflective and insulated window film can help manage your offices heat control and air conditioning costs, while providing an affordable and healthier environment for your employees to work in.

  • Does your commercial building suffer from excessive heat?
  • Do your staff suffer from computer screen glare?
  • Is the sun fading your office fabrics and furnishings, requiring replacement expense?
  • Are your office window blinds absorbing heat and adding to your problems?
  • Can your heating or air-conditioning costs be reduced?
  • Do your members of staff complain about high office temperatures during the summer?


Window insulation film will retain heat, while its solar properties will lessen the sun’s heat by up-to 80% in your office or factory, while reducing unwanted glare by up-to 85% and office furniture fabric fading by 99%.

Window films’ one-way mirror finish will also deter would-be intruders and provide office privacy for members of staff, as well as offer a higher level of security for commercial premises including bomb-blast protection.

Window film can be applied to your property without making your offices too dark to work in and provide a natural view from your windows. If you care about your staff and creating a productive and safe working environment, this is the perfect option for energy saving, conscious employers who also care about their corporate responsibility towards climate change.


Prism’s Insulation Window Film Performance

With Prism Window Film

¼” Single


¼” Single


Double Pane


Double Pane


Solar Heat Reduction 72% 57% 58% 49%
Heat Loss Reduction 10% 10% 6% 6%
Glare Reduction 83% 83% 83% 83%
UV Blocked 99% 99% 99% 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 79% 79% 79% 79%

Un-healthly UV sun rays can disrupt work within your business causing illness, fatigue and excessive glare on computer screens, which in turn cause headaches and loss of productivity. Why not create a far better climate for your environment with a window system that is easier to maintain, more attractive and far more cost effective than old-fashioned window blinds.

Solar film is the high-tech 21st Century replacement for blinds. Film reduces glare and eliminates heat build up, yet does not cut out light or require expensive cleaning. Blinds also attract dust and insects and are difficult to clean. Once window insulation film is installed, there are no maintenance costs as they can be kept clean by simply wiping with a moist sponge or cloth.



Improve Your Work Environment, Increase Productivity


Prism window film is designed in such a way that heat build-up is reduced during the hotter days, while increasing retained heat.

Available in different shades, mirror finishes and colours, Prism window film gives a completely stylish and professional look to your office space. Choose from:


As window film specialists, Prism will advise you on the right film for your commercial and environmental requirements. Our film is maintenance free, lasts up to 20 years and is suitable for glass or polycarbonate roofs and windows.

Workplace Regulations 1992, #14 requires employers to ensure that glass within their commercial premises are fully risk assessed and qualifies as “impact-safe” or “safe-breaking” and clearly marked with manifestations. This means every piece of glass in commercial walls, doors, partitions and gates is affected and requires health and safety compliance.


Window Film Installation Case Studies


Explore the various projects that Prism have completed, to understand the different types of film available and the benefits that installation will bring your company:


Commercial Client Case Study Type of Window Film Installed Internal or External Film?
St Johns CoE Primary School  Silver 20 Solar Film  Internal
Vehicle Licence Bureau  Silver 20 Solar Film  Internal
Playground Games  Sterling 50 Solar Film, Frosted Opaque Film and Graphical Film  Internal
Brayley’s Renault Mazda Car Showroom  Silver 20 OSW Solar Film  External
Sealed Air  Silver 20 OSW Solar Film  External



Why Choose Prism as Your Window Film Company?


Installation work is completed to the highest standards and projects are completed on time and to an agreed budget. Find out more about how we work or review a variety of commercial case studies.


Prism have worked with a selection of architects, specifiers and facilities management companies including Mitie, Stace, One Facility, Tesco Property, Ashe Construction, Hospitals Trust FM, Help FM and Bowmer and Kirkland. We can also help building contractors, architects and specifiers on new builds, renovations and refurbishment projects.


We’re dedicated to delivering the best service – we do this by combing professionalism, commitment, honesty and transparency, resulting in an advice service that spans 22 years of experience within the window film industry.

Why Choose Us?


  • A variety of window film ideas and samples, each containing different metals, layers, base layers and adhesives to choose from, to suit every client’s needs
  • Installed by a fully qualified professional
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extensive range of window film styles, patterns, textures and colours to match your corporate brand
  • Film is used from some of the leading window film manufacturers in the world
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
  • Long life span - up to 20 years - with “once-only” installation
  • Applied to existing window glass
  • ‘No business disruption’ installation including out-of-hours and weekend working
  • Typically installed within 1 day, although larger commercial applications may take longer
  • Rubbish removal – the environment we work in is left as it was, before we started the work
  • Access to mobile window film installation equipment, used for heights inside and outside your premises


Review our case studies and commercial testimonials to see how we help other clients in various sectors. To view ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots of our corporate project work, visit our commercial gallery. Alternatively, review our blog posts for helpful insights and tips or dive into our commonly-asked FAQ’s and resources sections.