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Case Study



The John Clements Sports Centre

Reason for Window Film

Located in Coldicote, Hertfordshire, the John Clements Sports and Community Centre provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities, houses an activity hall and provides a local focal-point for social events and activities.

A new sports centre was built in 2015, with the pavilion facing directly towards the multi-sports pitch, which regularly hosts cricket and football games.

The client was concerned that stray cricket balls or footballs could hit the pavilions’ windows and doors, causing serious injury, due to the dangers of loose, shattered glass.



Prism Solution

At the initial consultation, Prism discussed the various window film options available to them and the benefits of each.

The client followed Prism’s advice and chose the following anti-shatter safety film solutions:

  • Internal 7mil Safety Security Window Film
  • External Grade Silver 20 OSW Safety Security Window Film

These film solutions allowed people to watch the sports activities safely within the pavilion that would protect them from the dangers of a ball hitting and smashing the window glass and the subsequent safety risks from manoeuvring around shards of broken glass on the floor.

Prism installed a clear, anti-break safety film that covered both sides of the window panes and entry doors. The installation also included applying easy-to-notice manifestations, to comply with Health and Safety regulations.


John Clements Sports Centre


Project Outcome

Now, pavilion spectators can watch the sports events on the nearby pitch in complete safety.

Should a ball hit one of the pavilions’ glass windows or doors, the protective anti-smash film will allow the glass to flex, therefore alleviating the danger of flying glass being sprayed around and potentially injuring those nearby.

If the window or door shatters, the broken sharp fragments and shards will be held together within the frame, until it can be safely removed by a professional, ensuring optimum health and safety practices are followed.


John Clements Sports Centre Glass Safety Film Install



Why Choose Prism as Your Solar Window Film Company?


To help you choose the right window film for your budget, project or specification, our initial consultation includes discussing which window film is most appropriate to your needs.

We suggest that your window film installation is carried out by one of our professional, qualified Prism installers, to your budget and specification. Find out more about how we work.

We’re dedicated to delivering the best service – we do this by combing professionalism, commitment, honesty and transparency, resulting in an advice service that spans 22 years of experience within the window film industry.

Prism’s value-added service includes:

  • Installed by a fully qualified professional
  • Complete manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extensive range of window film styles, patterns, textures and colours to match your corporate brand
  • All installations use the worlds-leading window film manufacturer
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
  • Long life span - up to 20 years - with “once-only” installation
  • ‘No business disruption’ installation including out-of-hours and weekend working
  • Typically installed within 1 day, although larger commercial applications may take longer
  • Rubbish removal – the environment we work in is left as it was, before we started the work
  • Access to mobile window film installation equipment, used for heights inside and outside your premises


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Case Study