Covid Safety Procedures

Case Studies



TescoLocation of store: Various locations all over the UK. The superstores are all done for the same reason - to reduce the temperature coming in through the glass at the front of the stores and to replace worn-out, outdated blinds.  




Buckingham SchoolLocation of store: Buckingham School, Buckinghamshire. The school’s main block suffered from excessive heat gain in the Summer months, making the classrooms extremely hot. This caused various issues with the children, such as suffering from headaches, wilting and not able to concentrate on their lessons. From a plethora of window film choices, Prism provided silver reflective grade-20 film.




Located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Brayleys Renault Mazda contacted Prism to solve urgent issues involving customers feeling unwell and fainting due to exposure to excessive heat and sun-glare in their showrooms, due to the warm weather throughout the summer months.

The well-being of customers and staff, full compliance to health and safety regulations and offering an ambient service experience were all their major concerns. Thankfully, window film provided the answer that addressed (and alleviated) these concerns.


Vehicle Licence BureauLocated in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, the Vehicle Licence Bureau provides a number of Driver Licence Checking services to customers using services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) and is seen as the market leader in driver and fleet management.

At the initial consultation, the client wanted to prevent highly-valuable IT equipment and personal data information from being viewed by those outside the building, while staff worked inside during the day. The client also mentioned that they didn’t want to use blinds, as they created a feeling of confinement in the office environment.


Located in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Microsoft-owned Playground Gaming is an X-Box gaming company established in 2010 by some of the most experienced and talented developers in the UK industry.

Prism was contacted by the client to provide professional advice on the types of window film that would reduce heat-gain in their offices, due to their extensive internal IT usage. They also wanted to alleviate excessive heat caused by the sunshine and intense UV rays, which added to the overall heat problem they were experiencing.


Sealed AirLocated in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, Sealed Air Ltd, provide a range of solutions, geared towards protecting, preserving and maintaining food safety, to help make the world a safer and cleaner place.

With the existing film being outdated, having degraded over time, the management team required an up-to-date window film solution that provided heat-reduction for the work environment, enabled energy costs to be managed, was environmentally-friendly and complied with health and safety regulations. Prism advised them on which window film options would be the most appropriate for their requirements.

St Johns Primary SchoolLocated in Chelmsford, Essex, St Johns Church of England Primary School, commissioned Prism Protection to replace their disintegrating window film, which had been unnecessarily fitted on the outside and provided no form of UV, solar-heat or glare protection.  

In addition to its poor appearance, from both inside and outside the school, it partially blocked views from the classrooms, limiting the children’s visual enjoyment of the surrounding greenery within the grounds.

Most importantly, the deterioration of the film may have led to sun-glare and loss of staff and pupil productivity, plus children don’t learn or stay alert for long in overly-heated rooms. More worryingly, health issues such as migraine, fatigue, eye-strain and skin disorders may have been experienced, as a result of limited protection from UV rays.

The Head was looking for a solution that would bring cost-savings and meet health and safety compliance standards. Prism knew that the overall solution needed to be a “best value” purchase and provided advice on which window film may be most suitable.


Located in London, The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinises public spending for Parliament. Their public audit service helps Parliament hold government accountable, to help improve public services.

As an official governmental office, they recognised the need to have bomb-blast window film installed, to protect staff in the event of a terrorist incident and to protect the integrity of the historical landmark building.

Prism arranged a meeting to determine the correct type of window film that was required. After providing a "best value" quotation, they were awarded the contract.

The John Clements Sports CentreLocated in Coldicote, Hertfordshire, the John Clements Sports and Community Centre provides indoor and outdoor sports facilities, houses an activity hall and provides a local focal-point for social events and activities.

A new sports centre was built in 2015, with the pavilion facing directly towards the multi-sports pitch, which regularly hosts cricket and football games.

The client was concerned that stray cricket balls or footballs could hit the pavilions’ windows and doors, causing serious injury, due to the dangers of loose, shattered glass.

Canada LifeLocated in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, Canada Life Insurance provides an extensive range of financial packages that cater for the retirement, investment and protection needs of individuals, families and companies.

The management team met with Prism to discuss installing protective 7mil safety film to one of the glass lift guards that had suddenly spontaneously shattered. Applying glass security film to the other 3 x lifts within the building would remove the possibility of future spontaneous glass breakage and the threat of injury to customers and staff.

A layer of anti-shatter safety glass film needed to be applied, to protect people using the lift or waiting outside for the lift.