“Customer Case Studies”


Sealed Air Ltd - St Neots, Cambridgeshire




Marshall Renault & Mazda Showrooms - Milton Keynes


Marshal RenaultProblem
We were contacted by the group to solve issues with excessive heat and glare entering the showrooms. This had resulted in customers feeling unwell and even fainting during hot summer days.

Prism Solution
They wanted a solution that would reduce the amount of heat and glare in the showroom, that still kept an open and airy feel to the building. Keeping the view out of the windows was important but because they were at high level, it wasn’t a priority to see in.
After a site visit and meeting we agreed that the best solution was to install our external silver solar film which reduces the heat gain by 80% and glare by 81%. From an access point of view the installation was carried out to the external face of the glass and was carried out during normal working hours with no disruption to customers. The installation took 2 days to complete.

The final result has given the staff and customers a comfortable working area, where the temperature is significantly reduced. The reduction in glare has meant that staff no longer suffer from eye strain caused by excessive sunlight.



John Clements Sports Centre - Hitchin


A new sports centre was being built with the pavilion facing directly towards the cricket pitch. The client was concerned that cricket balls could hit the windows and doors causing serious injury to anyone within the area of the glass.


Prism Solution

They wanted a solution that was not noticeable but would make the windows and doors safe from impact.
We installed a clear anti-shatter safety film to both sides of the glass to protect people inside and outside from flying glass. The installation included having manifestations fitted to the glass to ensure H&S requirements.



Should a ball now hit the glass, the film will allow the glass to flex and should it shatter, the fragments and shards will be held together within the frame until it can be safely removed.



Playground Games - Leamington Spa


We were contacted by the client to provide options on reducing heat gain within the office areas. As the company is a computer games company with many computers which cause a huge amount of internal heat, they wanted to try to alleviate any excessive heat from outside adding to the problem.


Prism Solution

After an initial meeting and survey we provided samples and carried out trials with some different levels of tint as it became obvious that the aesthetics of the building were also a concern. Some of the heavy and dark tint, although reduced the temperature, they also changed the appearance of the building from outside which was not in keeping.
We finally installed a Solargard Sterling 50 solar film which is hardly noticeable from outside but still reduces heat gain by 48%.



The result has shown a significant reduction in heat within the building whilst retaining the character of the building from outside.



Vehicle License Bureau - Hemel Hempstead  


The client wanted to stop vision into the office area with many computers and personal information during office hours. They didn’t want blinds during the day as they made the office feel closed in and could not see out. At night the blinds were down and this wasn’t an issue.


Prism Solution

We carried out a survey and provided samples of the silver reflective mirror film which allows vision out during daylight but has a mirrored silver appearance from outside.
We installed the film to the rear elevation, which has provided the required effect.



Now the client can have screens on without compromising customers’ personal data and are also able to see anyone on the outside that shouldn’t be there.



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