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Window Film: Commercial Crime and Theft Prevention


Are your local businesses worried about their offices being broken into by intruders?


Window film provides extra layers of security and safety for the commercial and retail industry, acting as an anti-shatter, protective deterrent against break-ins, corporate theft, burglary and forced entry. Breaking and entering through windows or glass doors can be their quickest route to a company’s assets, IT equipment and confidential information.

Prism works with the Police Force’s Crime Prevention Service (CPS) and other security and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) companies in the South East, throughout Hertfordshire and Thames Valley and with the Essex Constabulary, to help them advise local commercial enterprises on the many benefits that window film solutions offer to their staff and customers.  

The CPS, in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch, proactively finds and regularly speaks to businesses, to advise them on all aspects of crime prevention, privacy, security, anti-terrorism and health and safety.

Prism helps security advisors become confident in sharing window film solutions by:


  • Educating and training crime prevention advisory teams and security firms on how window film can secure building and workplace environments
  • Introducing business people, without prior knowledge of window film, to the many advantages that film solutions offer firms financially, environmentally and structurally
  • Helping them spot opportunities where window film can offer additional layers of protection in the form of manifestation film applied to windows, doors and internal office partitions
  • Showing them, through cost calculations, how window film offers an inexpensive alternative to replacing glass windows, doors and office partitions
  • Providing a “no kick-back” commission-free policy ensuring that the advice and help given has integrity at its core


The Prism team then develops ongoing, long-term business relationships with them that are reciprocal in nature, with all parties sharing their expertise for the benefit of local businesses becoming better equipped to protect themselves, their properties and their staff.


Window Film Interest and Applications


Over the last 5 years, online interest in window film solutions has grown by 60% and is considered a key element of commercial buildings maintenance, security and privacy for:


  • Shopping outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Clothes stores
  • Corporate offices
  • Government and public services


Projects can be broken down into a number of specifications, such as:




Case Studies of Solar Window Film Projects


Explore the various projects that Prism have completed, to understand the different types of film available and the benefits that installation will bring your company:


Commercial Client Case Study Type of Window Film Installed Internal or External Film?
St Johns CoE Primary School Silver 20 Solar Film Internal
Vehicle Licence Bureau Silver 20 Solar Film Internal
Playground Games Sterling 50 Solar Film, Frosted Opaque Film and Graphical Film Internal
Brayley’s Renault Mazda Car Showroom Silver 20 Solar Film External
Sealed Air Silver 20 Solar Film External
Canada Life Insurance 7 Mil Safety Security Film Internal
The National Audit Office 7 Mil Safety Security Film Internal
John Clements Sports and Community Centre 7 Mil Safety Security Film and External OSW Version





Need Training? Next Steps to Becoming a Prism Partner


If you’re ready to discuss how Prism can work with you in educating others in commercial security and protection, we can set up an appointment to:


Did you know that we advise new-build developers and building specifiers who are looking for the right type of window film for their client? If you have instances where you discuss crime prevention with them, please get us involved – we would be happy to provide specific case studies that were a similar type to their projects.


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Why Partner with Prism as your Window Film Consultant?


Prism have worked with a selection of architects, specifiers and facilities management companies including Mitie, Stace, One Facility, Tesco Property, Ashe Construction, Hospitals
Trust FM, Help FM and Bowmer and Kirkland.

We’re dedicated to delivering the best training service by combing professionalism, commitment, honesty and transparency, resulting in an advice service that spans 22 years of experience within the window film industry.

Find out more about how we work or review a variety of our commercial case studies.

Prism’s value-added service includes:

  • Installations conducted by a fully-qualified professional
  • Provision of a long-term manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extensive range of window film styles, patterns, textures and colours to match your clients corporate brand
  • The worlds-leading window film manufacturer used throughout our installations
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
  • Long life span - up to 20 years - with “once-only” installation
  • ‘No business disruption’ installation including out-of-hours and weekend working
  • Typically installed within 1 day, although larger commercial applications may take longer
  • Rubbish removal – the environment we work in is left as it was, before we started the work
  • Access to mobile window film installation equipment, used for heights inside and outside your premises

Review our case studies and customer testimonials to see how we help other clients in various sectors. To view ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots of our corporate project work, visit our commercial gallery. Alternatively, review our blog posts for helpful insights and tips or dive into our commonly-asked FAQ’s and resources sections.