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  1. Window film tends to last longer than blinds. Also, they will not deteriorate or weaken with time. There are documented and proven cases of films that have lasted for more than 22 years. Imagine the condition of the blind fabric after that same time period.
  2. Window film does not trap dust and therefore requires less maintenance and cleaning, unlike like blind fabric.
  3. Window film is much more cost effective than traditional blinds. New blinds may look nice initially, but like all fabrics that are exposed to sun-glare, they will fade quickly - especially if the room is exposed to non-stop sunlight, throughout the day.
  4. Window film makes your room or offices look more spacious and airy. Having blinds on the windows of your rooms will make your room or offices look cluttered and disorganised.
  5. Window film is more heat efficient for homes and offices, such as heat reduction or retention. Blinds do not work the same way and they are difficult to manage during different climatic conditions.
  6. Prism definitely believe that, in the near future, blinds will become obsolete as gradually more homeowners and businesses will start to understand how much more efficient and attractive window film is compared to old fashioned blinds. For businesses, decorative window film can add branding and ambience to your offices for staff and customers alike.
  7. Blinds are the original traps of dust in any room. There is no point in investing a huge amount of your money, energy and time in cleaning something that is simply not equally efficient, especially in residential dwellings.
  8. Window film is made with the intention to amplify the security and safety of your home by protecting the glass if it is broken or shattered. A Blind does not perform that function. This is the same for commercial window film , with its energy saving properties.
  9. Window film can be modified to deal with the exact climate control you require in your room during the extreme climatic conditions, including your conservatory.
  10. Window film will also reduce the harmful rays of the sun without decreasing the intensity of light in your home or office.
  11. Blinds tend to deteriorate, where as window film remains fresh, even after decades, therefore adding value to your property.
  12. Blinds restrict your view from the window, while window film will give you a perfect and an unobstructed view. What’s more, window film’s one-way mirror effect means you can see through them clearly from the inside, but outside no-one can look in. Find out why this is important for both domestic and commercial applications.
  13. The cost of a Window film is just a fraction of the cost of blinds. Find out more about our installation process and how we work.
  14. Window film makes use of high technology and science to develop a better alternative to blinds. This technology has also been used by NASA in their space programmes to protect the space shuttle from heat build up while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.
  15. Window films are better looking than blinds and are designed to enhance your living or working space and can increase the thermal effectiveness (this will save your money on gas and electric bills) and/or cut down the heat build up inside the room.
  16. The installation of window film is quicker and more convenient than fitting blinds: they do not require multiple visits to your home or office for measurements and fitting.
  17. There are no small fragments and pieces to break and cause inconvenience. We know how irritating it can be when broken cables and other components of the blind system fall off. It can be time consuming and a frustrating process.


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